2014.12.21 – Work and More Work

It’s Sunday but I’m trying to get my whole 40 hours this week even though we have three mandatory days off without pay. This internship is short term and it’s been nice having a paycheck so I’m trying to make the very most out of it. That being said, I was up, dressed and on my work laptop at 08:30.

This next ticket has me moving a feedback function from one file to another where it makes more sense. The function currently provides feedback for device tokens but I needed to also add support for APIDs so it seemed like the best thing to do was to put it in its own class and make a couple of methods for device token and APID feedback.

Knowing what should be done was easy. Knowing how to do it, not so much. I hope this is normal but it feels like each new ticket requires massive mental gymnastics. Some stuff is definitely easier but I still seem to progress fairly far with my code and then get stuck on something I can’t get beyond without help.

I did manage to get all of the code and tests written and made progress on the documentation although that is still quite the challenge for me. I have no idea the best way to word stuff. Oh well, I’ll get help with that tomorrow. I finished up at about 19:30 and went to help with dinner.

Lauren wanted tofu scramble, fried potatoes and vegan sausage breakfast burritos. I always make the scramble so I got that going while Wayne handled everything else. We ate dinner and then it was time to stop thinking. I read Red Mars until bedtime. I really need to finish that book!

Today I learned about Mock’s assert_called_with that I needed for a test.