2014.09.28 – Welcome Baby Michael Ezra!

I woke up early and got dressed since we had plans in the morning. Andrew brought me my wonderful Sunday soy chai latte topped with soy whip and a cherry. He makes the best chai!

Today we went to the bris for Miri and Dale’s new baby boy. This traditional ceremony is held on the baby’s eighth day of life. Nobody, with the exception of the parents and very close family, know the baby’s name. It is announced by the parents at the end of the ceremony. It was so sad to hear the poor little guy crying as I’m sure it was quite painful but it was over pretty quickly and he calmed right down. But still, ouch! It was really nice to meet their family and to meet baby Michael. He’s so tiny and adorable! We ate a bit of food and had some nice conversation before leaving.

We decided to be brave and tackle a Costco trip on a Sunday. I know, right?! We went in knowing it was going to be full of oblivious shoppers, some there just to get the free samples it seems. Being vegan, we can just pass by all that crap and get down to business. We got what we needed and headed home. It really wasn’t too bad.

Our young ones got home shortly after we did and Natale asked if he could make banana bread. Uh, yeah! He makes killer banana bread. It’s perfect every time. While he did that I looked over a bug I was interested in but when I parsed the code it seemed as though the issue had been addressed. Hmmm….so I looked at another bug involving a regular expression. I picked it because I find regular expressions confusing and intimidating. I think I figured out what the bug is all about so I added a function and then created a patch. I wrote up what I would put as a comment with my patch and hopefully I can get it approved by Lukas and then submit it.

We scrounged for dinner and then watched Jack Reacher. It was really good. Personal life aside, Tom Cruise is a fantastic actor. It’s so weird to watch movies three nights in a row I think. Usually we watch one every few months or so.

Today I learned that banana bread and popcorn probably isn’t the best dinner.