2014.11.27 – Thanksgiving 2014

A rare short and sweet post.

We were hosting Thanksgiving dinner at our house. I told Wayne I was really glad we practice for this every Tuesday! Alice and her sister, Laura were going to bring the candied yams, mushrooms, a veggie dish and salad. Taylor made three kinds of mac ‘n cheese, jalapeno, mushroom and peas, and plain. We provided vegan turkey rolls, a smoked hyam, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, and pumpkin and apple pie. We had a LOT of food as is typical for Thanksgiving. Spencer and John didn’t want a vegan Thanksgiving so they didn’t join us but we had the five of us, Taylor, Delaney, Alice, Jason, Laura, Lauren, Sean, Alena, Tiberias, Rialla and Anya so it was pretty much a dinner night but with like ten times the food.

Today I learned to write a short blog post and leave it at that.