2014.11.25 – Tea Time

My day started extra early. Our friends were flying back east with their new baby and I offered to take them to the airport. Turns out their flight was at 06:20 so I’d have to leave the house at 04:30 to get them and drop them off in plenty of time so they wouldn’t worry about rushing. Wayne is wonderful and got up to go with me!

We walked out to the car and it was SO strange outside. It was not even slightly cold. I could have worn a tshirt and been fine. I could also hear the wind blowing and I could see the tops of the trees waving madly but I barely felt a thing on the ground. I stood there a while taking this in and it was fascinating. The drive to their house was really nice since we barely saw another car on the road. They were ready to go but still seemed a bit anxious. Our airport is seriously the best though so I knew it would be no trouble. We dropped them off, hugged goodbye and drove their car back to their house. We headed home and I felt wide awake so I made some tea and sat down to read with their dog Penny Loafer curled up by my side. Wayne went back to bed and Andrew would be getting up soon to start making morning espresso and cappuccino. He came downstairs and kissed me good morning. Shortly afterward I felt my eyes getting heavy so headed upstairs to see if I could get in a bit more sleep.

I dozed for an hour or so and then got up and dressed. I checked my email and saw some things Peter wanted changed on the bug so I made the changes and resubmitted my pull request. I caught up on my email and then did a whole lot of nothing the rest of the morning. Wayne and I went over what stuff we were going to need and what things we were going to cook for Thanksgiving and then I spent some time watching more Big Bang Theory.

Amanda and her little one came over to visit. Amanda brought some special tea to make for us. She made us a couple of varieties of Pu Erh. It’s a fermented earthy tea that can take some getting used to. I loved the first variety she brought. The second one had a bit of a fishy overtone so I didn’t really care for it after the second steep. We drank a LOT of tea! It was dinner night so she and her daughter stayed and joined us. We had not-beef stew, salad and bread. Taylor, Delaney, Spencer, John, Alice, Jason, Amanda, little one, and the five of us all ate too much. There was a Ferguson demonstration going on downtown and at times it got a little intense. We were following the happenings via Twitter. The freeways and public transit were disrupted at times so we were not sure Amanda would be able to safely get home. We planned for them to stay but as it got later things calmed down. The police didn’t disrupt the protestors and only handled anything that was dangerous. I am glad in that moment at least the police seemed to do the right thing. I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about things but putting them into words is proving to be very difficult.

Today I learned that there are some really high-paying internships out there.