2014.08.24 – Summer Sunday

Today was really beautiful. The three of us got up early and went for a run/walk to Arbor Lodge park. It’s nice to traverse our neighborhood and look at other houses, yards and gardens. In Lake Havasu not a lot would change from week to week but here it seems everything is constantly growing, dying, changing. I love it!

We got back home and I watered our front garden and did a bit of weeding. I was surprised to see that we are still getting a fair amount of strawberries considering how late in the season it is. I love to pick and eat stuff as I water and weed. Blueberries, strawberries, tomatoes, carrots, fennel flowers, chocolate mint, basil, golden raspberries……

I decided to migrate this blog from the free wordpress.com site over to hewus.com and that was ridiculously easy. I now need to mess with getting the theme to look the way I want it to. Shanna is not available to work on our IOS tutorial tomorrow so I will spend some time on that.

Today I learned that ‘a la mode’ means ‘in the style of’ and although the words are French, it has no context in France so don’t order anything that way if traveling there.