2014.12.27 – Saturday Feels Like Sunday

I had to get up earlyish and get my hair cut and colored. I love getting my stupid grey hair covered up. It looks great on Wayne but I’m not ready for it at all. Maybe because Andrew looks so young. People already think I’m his mom! It’s ridiculous.

After my haircut I went over to Whole Foods to get our neighbor, Glenn, a birthday card. While I was there I grabbed several things I didn’t even know I needed and of course they were all heavy. At least I grabbed a hand basket this time.

I came home and had a quick breakfast before settling in to work a few hours. I spent the entire time reading different opinions and methods of maintaining the same code base in both Python 2 and 3. This feels like the ticket that will never end and I’m pretty sure I’m over thinking its simplicity.

After I was done working, Andrew and I sat down to do a budget. Bleh, our favorite thing ever….I grabbed data from the various sources and all of them are in really shitty formats. Do they not even think about how people might need to use this data? I guess not. We spent HOURS parsing the data and getting things all categorized. We didn’t even get to the part where we come up with a budget for next year. This all should help with upcoming taxes though so that will be nice. I’d like to say I will just update the budget data every month next year but I already know that won’t happen.

Meanwhile someone posted more free firewood on Nextdoor. This time it was just sitting out for anyone to come and grab so time was of the essence. Of course Wayne was horribly sore from his full day of moving firewood but he’s awesome and hopped in the truck to go get more. There were other people there already with a big truck and four men but as is typical of Portland they shared with him.

We decided on an easy dinner of mac n’ cheeze, mixed veggies and bread. It’s just one of those meals I ate a lot as a kid and will probably always love. After dinner it was back to the budget. I’m excited to do better next year and am looking forward to coming up with a plan to save some money. Certain expenses are not negotiable though like food for Dinner Night! I have been thinking about small changes I can make though like:

  • No new tea until I drink what I have.
  • Not buying ANY books. I have a huge pile I haven’t read and libraries exist for a reason.
  • Packing a lunch or going hungry if I forget. I probably won’t forget 🙂
  • No buying things on a whim just to try (like those things they sample at New Seasons.)
  • Figuring out what to cook at home instead of eating out.
  • Only buying things I need and taking 24 hours to consider the purchase of something I would like to have.

It’s a start but we’ll have a firmer plan tomorrow hopefully.

Today I learned that I can upload my DNA profile to GEDMatch and compare it with distant relatives. Neat!