2014.11.24 – Lunch with a Friend

I was up early, exercised, showered and dressed so I could get on with my day. I hurried downstairs so I could try and get my pull request submitted for this bug. I messaged Peter in IRC and asked him about some wording. He wanted me to ask about it in my PR so that meant it would probably need to be changed and resubmitted. I was hoping to get it right the first time but really I need to get over that. I submitted the PR and then watched Travis run the tests. What did I see? A big old “F”! Huh…tests passed for me on my local machine. Weird. I went back and…….ah crap! I was testing on the wrong branch! I guess I get to make all of the newbie mistakes. This should make for a fun future because I have SO very many more I haven’t even made yet. I found the test file and started looking over where I needed to possibly modify or add a test. I messed with the code a bit but it was time to go pick up a friend for lunch.

Christopher was in my cohort at PDX Code Guild and his mom is the director. He has stayed on at the school to help teach and do network support. He’s super smart and I loved working with him in class. He had treated me to lunch the last time we went so it was my turn today. I swung by the school and picked him up and we decided to go to Los Gorditos! I was happy about that for sure. Even though it was lunch time the place wasn’t too busy so we found a decent table and had some great conversation while we ate. I told him all about my upcoming internships with Urban Airship and Mozilla and he caught me up on how the school is doing. He and I were in the very first cohort there and they were learning as they went. It seems they have changed and improved things a LOT. I was really happy to hear that they were doing well.

After lunch we drove out to Clackamas so I could exchange a gift for someone. That gave us plenty of time to talk about life in general. When we were done with that we still had more talking to do so we headed to a comfy coffee shop and parked ourselves on a couch. We talked and talked while we drank our tea and coffee. It was getting dark and he had an evening class to teach so I dropped him off and headed home. All was well until I got off I-5 at Greeley. It seriously took me 30 minutes to get the final 1.5 miles home!

I kissed my guys hello and told them about my day and then checked my email. I had comments from Peter regarding my PR. He wanted a couple of things changed that I honestly went back and forth on so many times before submitting. This was really funny to me because I had a 50/50 chance of getting each one the way he might want it and was wrong on both! He also was unsure about the way I implemented a the validator and wanted to know why I didn’t do it a different way. I thought I had tried the different way and it didn’t work. I commented back about it but he was already gone for the day so I would have to learn the proper way to do it tomorrow.

I turned on the TV so I could watch what was happening in Ferguson. Would Darren Wilson be indicted? Highly doubtful and it was really heartbreaking to know that but I was still hopeful that maybe, just maybe with all of America watching, the right thing would be done. Taylor and Delaney stopped over so Delaney could use a computer. Taylor sat down to watch with me. Alice showed up to start on dinner with Wayne but also sat down to watch. We all just stopped everything and watched.  The prosecuting attorney began talking and it was pretty clear from his long drawn out speech that there would be no indictment. Ugh 🙁 He stood there talking and it all just sounded like a bunch of ridiculous excuses and justifications. Are we really supposed to believe this was in any way, shape or form objective and fair? Bleh.

Today I learned that black people don’t matter.