2014.09.20 – It’s All About the Food

Today was pretty low-key. I got up and did some research on the OPW website which took up a large part of my morning. We were supposed to meet Andrew’s mom, sister and her little ones at the Saturday Market and then wander around Portland with them. We had done a ton of that last night and my feet were still tired but it was another beautiful day so I was looking forward to it. Andrew and I drove down since we were bringing his mom back with us so she could see our house. We met them at the Market but they had already wandered around before we arrived so we headed to Stumptown Coffee and got some of their nitrogen cold brew. I don’t really like coffee but that one is pretty good and it was about 90 degrees out so it hit the spot.

We then headed over to the obligatory tourist trap, Voodoo Doughnuts, so that she could have that experience. The line was ridiculously short which was a pleasant surprise so we all got our sugar overload pretty quickly. We were all fueled up on caffeine and sugar so headed up to Powell’s. I sat and looked through a book while Andrew and his mom toured the store. Once she had her fill of books we decided we should have some real food so headed to the food carts. She walked around the block until she settled on an Indonesian cart but Andrew and I already knew we wanted Kargi Gogo. It was open after being closed all last week. When I mentioned to the owner how disappointed we were that they were closed she said she understood but that they had been open every single day all summer and just had to do some cleaning and maintenance. I got my usual Lobiani (bean and onion bread), Khinkali (mushroom stuffed dumplings), Badrijani (eggplant, garlic and walnut rolls). We sat in a nearby park and ate in the shade and it was as wonderful as always.

We headed home and Andrew gave his mom a tour of the house. We sat and talked for quite some time until it was getting close to dinner time. Alice had just returned from a business trip and she and Jason wanted to come watch a movie so we figured we should get dinner out of the way. We all went to Handsome Pizza which is the very best pizza place in all of Portland. Once again it did not disappoint. They made us our usual kale pizza but made us another with baby mustard greens, kale, caramelized onions, roasted pumpkin seeds topped with this really good spicy/sweet habanero sauce. Yum!

Andrew, Wayne and Natale drove Karen back to Dave and Alena’s house and I walked home so I could start this blog post and do some more OPW research. Alice, Jason, and Bug came over and the guys returned shortly after. We watched Monuments Men and I thought it was pretty boring but somehow barely managed to stay awake.

Today I learned that Twitter is an OPW participant. I didn’t realize that they used any open source software.