2014.11.28 – Insomnia

I rarely have trouble sleeping but last night I didn’t get much at all. I made up for it by sleeping late into the morning. I exercised, dressed and had a small breakfast before digging in to the next Air Mozilla bug. It’s definitely going to be more work than any of the other bugs I have worked on and I can’t wait to struggle through it. I found the models.py and views.py files I need to modify to begin with and read them over for quite some time to try and get an idea of how they currently work.

I took a break from reading code and ordered some gifts for the two youngest ones. I went back and forth on what to buy exactly and then finally decided and got everything ordered. I also looked at Andrew’s wish list so I could decide what to get for him. I want to get him everything! I’ll eventually narrow it down.

Jayde was wanting to make iced christmas cookies and wanted to make a test batch of both the cookie dough and the colored icing so we talked about recipes for both. She would search and then come check with me to see what I thought. She is 12 and has become such a great baker. Once she found some recipes we talked about modifying the ingredient amounts so that it would be a test batch and then she went off to do the math.

She was still working on the cookie math when I had to head to the Alphabet District to meet Amanda and a friend of hers who might want to hire the two of us to do some web development on the side. We met at a really busy coffee shop on NW 23rd. I guess everywhere was probably busy since it was the day after Thanksgiving but we managed to find decent seating. He went over the basics of what he was looking for but is not a developer himself and is kind of a middle man for the people who want the work done. He wasn’t completely sure what was needed of us besides a phone app that utilizes Phonegap and Django so that was a little confusing but he said he’d send us more info and put us in touch with the actual people who are heading this up.

He left and Amanda, her little one and I sat and talked for a bit before heading across the street so I could buy more of my favorite Earl Grey tea from Tea Chai Te. We talked a bit more and then each headed home. Jayde had baked and frosted her cookies so I tried one. They were SO good! She will definitely have to make more 🙂

We scrounged for dinner since we have a ton of leftovers and then had a relaxing evening reading.

Today I learned about github3.py