2014.12.22 – Getting the Hang of Things

I went to work early this morning and would be staying late. I only have a four day work week and two of those days are weekends but I am trying to take advantage of this opportunity. Nobody was in the CE area when I got there but Helen showed up shortly after me. She’s always there nice and early. I worked on a different ticket until Mele came in so I could ask her about a few things before I PRd my current ticket.

She got in around 09:00 but had the morning stand-up meeting and then we had our 1-on-1. She said I was doing fine and that she might have to find more work for us to do since we were moving through stuff so quickly. Sounds good to me! She told me how she wanted me to proceed with writing tests for device feedback so I got busy figuring out how to make a date parser package optional while running the test. It wasn’t too difficult so I got everything saved, closed and pushed it up to Github. Mele and Brett both looked it over and had some things they wanted changed or reworded. I seem to have the most trouble with formatting of code and wording in the documentation. Mele keeps suggesting I try PyCharm as a Python IDE but I really love Vim. I’ll just have to read up on Pep8 styling and get better.

While they were reviewing my PR I worked on the other ticket which was to move a BlackBerry PIN lookup function to a different module. I moved it over, put it in its own class, wrote a script to test it but I needed a valid BlackBerry PIN. Not very many people use BlackBerry devices so my channel lookup requests didn’t help. Mele went in and registered a couple of fake device PINs for me though so I could send some curl requests and see what metadata the server sends back and in what format. I then wrote a script so I could actually test the code I wrote and then wrote a test. Once that was all done and happy, I wrote the documentation.

In the middle of all of that, Brett and Mele had some changes they wanted me to make to my PR so I submitted those and got my two +1s. Merged! I quickly submitted my other PR and miraculously didn’t have any formatting or wording issues. Mele did want me to change the class name but that was a quick fix and I had more +1s. Merged as well! That pretty much took care of all the tickets in our bug pack. Amanda was still working on one that was quite involved so my future would be reading about making the library Python 3 compatible.

I think I’m finally getting in the groove at Urban Airship. I understand the library we are working in and things are getting easier to figure out most of the time. Once we are done with the Python 3 ticket all of our new changes to the library will be merged in to the Urban Airship public repository.

It was a long but very productive day. Wayne picked me up and we headed to the store. I was starving and sooooooo tired. I just wanted dinner and then bed so we had yummy ravioli, sourdough bread and brussels sprouts. I made a hot cup of chamomile tea and tried to read my book but my legs did that stupid restless thing they do when I’m tired. So annoying!

Today I learned  that Mele will soon not be the only female engineering manager at UA.