2014.12.23 – Friday on a Tuesday

I was up early again to try and get in another ten hours. The office was soooooo quiet since Christmas is right around the corner. I didn’t have a ticket to work on right then because the only one left is to make the library compatible with Python 3 and Amanda wants to do that one together. She’s still working on her ticket though and it looks like it will be a while before she’s done.

I poured some tea and got busy on figuring out how to run multiple virtual environments in the same directory so I could test with clean versions of both Pythons. It was ridiculously easy to set this up so I didn’t have much else to do. I grabbed my tea, laptop and headphones and headed for the Hangar, the nice big room with couches and chairs, and planted myself on a comfy couch. I decided to read all about various ways and methodologies regarding Python 2 and 3 compatibility. Do I port? Should I use a tool like 2to3? I want to keep it all in one package so there is only one thing to maintain but is this possible? So much to figure out. I read a lot, lot, lot but didn’t really figure out the best way to go.

Amanda and I walked down to Tilt to grab lunch. They have a veggie burger that is pretty tasty. Barbara met us there so we caught up on how her Mozilla OP internship is going. She seemed happy with things. I’d be able to talk to her more once I’m back at Mozilla in January.

We headed back to work and talked about work stuff while we ate. Lisa, the data scientist, came in and joined us and told us what she is going to be doing at UA. She’s only been there for two weeks. Her job sounds very interesting though. Lots of data and lots of science 🙂

I started researching the compatibility issue again while Amanda chatted with Adam about her ticket. When they were done he asked me how things were going for me and I mentioned what I was working on. He had some suggestions and said that I definitely wanted to make the code compatible and keep it all in one code base. Alrighty then. He left and I started reading again. Within about 15-20 minutes he messaged me on Slack and said that he messed with it and that he thought it could easily be done with 5-6 lines of code changed and that he had one issue that gave him trouble but it was because it was so simple. He offered to tell me what it was as a hint but I said I’d like to figure it out myself and then ask him if I can’t. But he figured it out so fast! No pressure 🙂

The day was winding up and everyone was leaving for their nice, long break. Wayne picked me up and we headed to the store to get stuff for dinner night. Spencer and John wouldn’t be there because they were on their way to Lake Havasu for the holidays. Kronda and Jess were coming though! They hadn’t been in several weeks and it was really nice that they were returning. Dale, Miri and the baby were coming too so I knew Kronda would get her baby holding fix. I made soyrizo mac and cheeze but with Beyond Meat crumbles instead of the soyrizo. It turned out ok but wasn’t as spicy or salty as I like it.

Dale and Miri brought their Chanukah menorah so we could celebrate the last night of Chanukah together. They also brought doughnuts because we were supposed to eat something fried in oil. Ok! I love doughnuts. We all got our baby holding time and had a really nice dinner. Tonight we had Kronda, Jess, Taylor, Delaney, Miri, Dale, baby Michael, Alice, her mom, Jason, Glenn, and the six of us.

Today I learned that it is really easy to run multiple versions of Python in their own environments.