2014.08.22 – Eat Local

When we decided to move to Portland we knew hardly a thing about the city. We visited for four days while on a road trip and on the way home declared we would move. I will write a more complete story another time because what I really want to get at is that we ended up in a great neighborhood. I got up fairly early this morning and went out to water the front garden. It’s a 2 hour job at the very least and I trim and harvest as I water. People wander by, some I know and most I don’t but everyone says hello or good morning. Once I have some veggies and herbs harvested I will offer things to people as they pass by. People seem delighted by this and I always wonder why they don’t grow their own stuff. It’s pretty easy around here! Anyway, I gathered up a bunch of stuff to juice but still had quite a bit of kale, tiny yellow tomatoes and some squash left so Wayne, Andrew and I walked to the corner food carts and brought a basket of produce to the very best pizza place in all of Portland, Handsome Pizza, and gave it to the owner. He in turn made us a free pizza and used some of our produce along with some other toppings to make us one of his ridiculously delicious vegan pizzas. How much more fresh and local can you get with the exception of making it at home?? He has a wood fired pizza oven though so we couldn’t make it at home and have it taste even remotely as good. Things like this constantly delight me about Portland. Maybe they happen in lots of cities but they sure didn’t in Lake Havasu so this feels really special to me. We’ve been here just over a year now and I can’t stop saying how much I love living here and how happy I am.

Today I learned that a man named Christopher Knight lived as a hermit from 1989 to 2012 when he was caught stealing food. The Last True Hermit

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