2014.11.23 – Downtime

The sun was shining through huge, grey clouds when I woke up. After I was up and had breakfast I splurged by watching a few episodes of Big Bang Theory season 6. I am quite behind due to moving and then being really busy to the point that the show is pretty much at the bottom of my list. I think living in Portland even for less than two years has really changed the way I view it though. I still like it but I definitely see a lot of things that I wouldn’t mind the writers leaving out.

Our friends Roberto and Frankie will be moving here in a mere few days and they still do not have a place to rent so Roberto asked if Wayne and I could go look at an apartment for them. The open house had a one hour window so we quickly drove out to NE 32nd. The apartment was tiiiiiiiiiny and they wanted $750 per month. What?! It was also a basement apartment and the agent said she already has four applications turned in. We thanked her and left then told Roberto it was a negative. I told him that he and Frankie could temporarily rent a room from us. I think they need to be here to find a place really.

Since we were right by a different New Seasons I suggested we stop there and get stuff for dinner and some things for Thanksgiving as well. It was starting to rain pretty hard now so finding parking was interesting. We hurried through the store and got our things. We splurged and grabbed some wild chanterelle mushrooms to have with an upcoming dinner. We have never purchased them before so had to ask how to choose and prepare them.

We drove home in fairly heavy rain which I have found to be unusual here. It was nice! As we were driving home I saw a message from Andrew saying something about lightning and thunder and that it seemed a good time to shut down and move the server closet. I didn’t know this was an upcoming project but I guess this was as good a time as any. I knew there would be no internet for a while so bonus pointless tv shows for me! When I got home Lauren said there was one really bright flash of lightning and a loooooooong loud rolling thunder. Lightning and thunder are very unusual here for sure. So unusual that my Facebook and Twitter feed was full of comments about it. Wayne and I saw and heard nothing but I am guessing it was because we were fairly far east of home and inside of a very busy store.

I had lunch and did nothing useful for the remainder of the afternoon and then it was time to get dinner going. We were making breakfast for dinner. I was in charge of making sourdough pancakes and tofu scramble. There would also be roasted potatoes but that’s Wayne’s thing. I got the sourdough starter poured into the bowl and then realized I only had enough flour to feed them so off Wayne went to the store. Meanwhile Alice came over and started washing and cutting potatoes. Wayne made it back and shortly afterward Amanda and her little one showed up. Little one was quite excited about all of the cooking and wanted to help me make pancakes. I let her stir for a while and she seemed pretty happy about that. Wayne was nice and took over the cooking of the pancakes!

Andrew came up from the basement and looked really unhappy which is pretty unusual for him. He had our AP in hand and said it wouldn’t light up anymore. Uh oh! He said it was working after the lightning. I took it and messed with it a bit, looked up some info online and had him try connecting to it. It was getting warm but the light was not coming on. He was able to ping it but something was definitely wrong and we didn’t have a spare! This was so weird to me because we ran a WISP for years and always had a spare everything. Lightning was common there so this kind of stuff was a regular occurrence. Jason said he had an old Apple Airport Express which reminded Andrew that we had one as well. Off he went to dig that up and soon enough we had temporary internet. Yay! He wouldn’t have to go to Collective Agency to work 🙂

Dinner was ready so we all piled up our plates. Everything was amazing! I have gotten really good at making tofu scramble that anyone would like and the pancakes are always good. We had maple syrup and homemade marionberry jam. Yum! Alice made the most wonderful roasted potatoes and onions. I couldn’t stop eating them. Such a good dinner!

Today I learned about race condition exploits.