2015.06.05 – I Cannot Believe This Day Has Arrived

This is it. My first day on the job at Urban Airship. I am a Professional Services Engineer and I work at Urban Airship. Me. Wow. It’s surreal. I am so fortunate and thankful and elated, nervous, excited! I’m pretty much ready to dive in and fill my head with lots of new information. Here I go!

Wayne dropped me off because he’s wonderful. I was to be there at 09:00 but arrived a bit early so talked to Wayne a bit before going in. He wished me luck and in I went. The woman at the reception desk remembered me and was happy to welcome me back. We talked for a bit while I waited for someone to come down and get me. I am horrible with names on a good day but even worse when I am nervous so I am sad to say I do not remember who came to get me. She was really nice though and I think her name was Andrea. Anyway, we decided I could skip the full tour since I had been there before and we went straight to the benefit and onboarding paperwork. That was a pretty quick process. She gave me my laptop and my badge and then someone else came in from IT and now that I think about it her name was most likely Andrea. Yeah, I suck at names. Andrea or not Andrea helped me get all the programs set up. It was easy because they just re-enabled the accounts I had before and thanks to my laziness I still had my login/password info stored in my password manager. Easy! But still a shit ton of things to set up.

John, my boss came to get me and take me to my desk. The pods take up the entire third floor of the Vestas building in the Pearl and they encompass the perimeter while meeting rooms are mostly in the center. Most of the walls are glass and it’s pretty much an open office setting but with different teams in separate areas. I was totally used to how to get to CE where I had interned but it was kind of cheating since it was right next to the elevators. My new desk is on the opposite side of the building. I get to sit next to John which will be handy since I will have 325,600,987 questions to ask him. He had my new keyboard, trackpad, giant monitor and the obligatory Nerf gun and ammo already set up for me. This pod was going to be different than the CE pod for sure!

I’m picky about my keyboard and John was nice enough to order me a CODE 87-key with Cherry MX clears. It’s sweet! He helped me get a few things set up and then we had a meeting to attend. I didn’t understand anything people were talking about but I’ll get there. After the meeting we went back to our desks and I set up more stuff. John took me to lunch at a Thai place across the street. We sat outside in the beautiful weather and talked about this and that. He’s really nice! He has a very calm, laid back demeanor. He seems to believe in me and my abilities and that makes me want to work extra hard to get up to speed quickly. That and the very interesting schedule we both have for the next month or so. Yes, today was my first day and tomorrow I get on a plane and head for Salt Lake City, Utah for YAPCNA and then to Ottawa, Canada for BSDCan. I’ll be gone for a week and then when I get back it will be John’s first week of his three week vacation! But that’s not all. I’m back for a week before we fly back to Pittsburgh for another week and then I’m back for two weeks and leave again for two weeks to go to Calgary, Canada for two weeks. Sheesh, it’s intense but I plan on working as much as possible while I’m gone. It will be interesting.

After lunch we went over more things. So, so many things. So many things. It was apparently the finals of a table tennis tournament at UA and John was in it so he left a couple of times to play. Lots of people welcomed me back. They were happy to see me and I was happy to see them too! I met a lot of new people as well and wow, the names. I have no idea. I stayed until about 17:30 when Jordan called to let me know he and Wayne were downstairs waiting for me. I packed up my stuff quickly and headed down. My head was sufficiently stuffed full of new information and I had a LOT to go over. It was a great first day.

Today I learned so, so many things.

2015.05.26 – I’m an Airshipper!

It’s official! I’ve signed on with Urban Airship! Once I stepped back it was very clear to me that UA is the best choice for me. They want me for me and are not just trying to check the diversity box. I’ll get to work on interesting problems and I’ll get to take ownership of an important product. I’ll have opportunity for customer interaction while still being able to code. Most of all I think I will learn a lot from someone who is interested in leading the way. I’m SO excited to get started!

This has been such an interesting adventure and I can’t believe I’m already at the point of starting my first dev job. I know it wouldn’t be happening if not for so many amazing people helping me along the way.

Christopher, my classmate at PDX Code Guild made learning things so much fun. I kind of tagged along behind him doing whatever he did because I had no idea what I was doing. He’d show me something he figured out and he would help me when I was stuck. He made learning a lot of fun and had he not been in my class I may well have given up again and perhaps for the last time.

Shanna, my classmate at PDX Code Guild who got a late start and hadn’t really programmed before. She totally kicked ass and it was inspiring to witness.

Lukas and Kronda from the Ascend Project were always cheering me on and wagging a finger at me whenever I would put myself down or doubt my abilities. I wouldn’t have even attempted applying for the Mozilla and Urban Airship internships if it weren’t for them. They didn’t encourage me as much as insist I apply. Their insistence made me feel confident and worthy and I was, and I was.

Mele and Adam at Urban Airship were so kind and always met me right where I was without any kind of judgement. They gave me the time and space to learn as I was able and in doing so I was able to accomplish a lot. I felt so successful and confident at the end of my time there. I left “knowing stuff about things” and believed wholeheartedly that I would make a worthy member of a dev team.

Peter at Mozilla was amazing. He really challenged me to do WAY more than I thought possible. More than half the time I felt as though I had no idea what I was doing but I kept at it. He knew just how much help to give me in order for me to keep moving forward.

Andrew, my husband, has helped me beyond words. At times I totally frustrated him and at times I made him really proud. I completely took advantage of the fact that he lives with me and is basically a vast wealth of knowledge that I could tap into and get nearly instant responses. He spent hours with me after putting in a more than full day of work to sit and go over my code and correct me when I made a mistake or misunderstood something. He explained concepts to me one, two, five, fifty times and only rarely got frustrated.

Wayne, my husband, has been extremely supportive. He’s not only remodeling our house but he has cooked most every meal, cleaned the house, gardened, has done all of the laundry, grocery shopping, you name it all while I sit on my computer with a thermos of hot tea, music and a warm blanket for 8 – 10 hours a day. To the uninitiated it has to look like I’m not doing much of anything but he’s never made me feel guilty at all even though I probably should.

The scope of help I received goes well beyond these few people I have mentioned. Friends, neighbors, classmates, writers and speakers who will probably never know they helped me….so now it’s my turn to help. I know I’m still pretty new but I think that’s great. I’m new enough to remember and still experience the frustration and doubt. I remember those moments of confusion turning into understanding. I think I have some valuable information to pass along. I’m ready for this new adventure and I’m ready to help someone remove some barriers and start on theirs!

Today I learned to make a cake in a rice cooker. Whaaaaaat?!

2015.05.20 – There’s a Frood Who Really Knows Where His Towel Is

Yay, no interviews! It felt like a weekend because I didn’t have anything stressful scheduled at all. Chris from DreamHost called me to let me know they would meet my salary request. Yay again! I know it’s fair for them and for me. I was very happy. He said he would send over the paperwork and asked if I had read over the benefits. I hadn’t had time to do that so I told him I would get that done. Unfortunately Wayne and I had a ton of running around to do so I wasn’t exactly sure I would get to it this day.

Kristin and Jason were hitting the road today and we were sad to see them go. They are really great people and our time with them was too brief! We talked them into a tour of our Airstream before they left then it was hugs all around and they were off on their next adventure.

Meanwhile a friend of mine had let me know she was feeling very stuck on her path to becoming a developer. I suggested maybe she try contributing to Air Mozilla. Peter is a fantastic mentor and it might be really good for her so I sent her links to the Github repository and suggested she get the development environment set up and that she install and join the #airmozilla-dev channel. She only got really stuck one time and ended up figuring it out herself anyway. I was busy running around so she introduced herself to Peter and he assigned her a bug. It’s a bug that is associated with the feature I added so I thought that was super cool! She was feeling much better about things and I am confident she will kick ass just based on how well she is doing so far. She works full time, runs an excellent website, ladylovescode.com, hosts a very informative podcast featuring some really inspiring women and in her spare time teaches herself to code in multiple languages and is now contributing to Air Mozilla. She’s already kicking plenty of ass!

Wayne and I drove out to Indigo Traders in Multnomah Village. What a cute area! We didn’t have any time to wander around and just spent the entire time towel shopping. They have a LOT of choices! It was a bit overwhelming but the owner and staff were incredibly nice and helpful. They even had hot tea! It was the most pleasant towel shopping experience ever. We ended up getting a few different styles to try out so we can decide what we really like. These are Turkish Peshtemal towels. We haven’t used them before but everyone who has says they will never go back to regular terry cloth, thick towels. The owner and staff took a lot of time with us, showing us the different styles, weights and materials. They explained the history of the towels and told us about the people that make them. They even have a really old loom that the owner uses to weave his own towels. It was pretty fantastic.

While we were out John from UA emailed and asked me to complete a small technical exercise just to get an idea of my skill level. I told him I would be more than happy to do that and also mentioned to him that I now had a solid job offer so the sooner he could send it the sooner I could get it back to him. He sent it before I even made it home and it was pretty easy. I was anxious to get started on it but it seemed all of my children needed to talk to me about one thing or another. Definitely a priority! It was also my mom’s birthday so I wanted to call her before it got too late. We talked for a while but we had just spoken so the conversation wasn’t too terribly long. Alice stopped by after that and talked to me for a bit. By this time we were heading for a late dinner. Into the kitchen I went to try and figure out what we could throw together. We had a lot of leftovers so we decided it was scrounge night. Simple! Now I could sit down and get this exercise done. It was pretty much as easy as I had anticipated. I didn’t write tests or anything and I know I could have spent an indefinite amount of time tweaking it and adding to it but I don’t think he wanted anything terribly complicated so I sent it off. At least it will help him decide one way or another.

I don’t know exactly what I will be doing at DreamHost but the people I will work with are fantastic and I know it will be a fun place to work. The job at UA sounds super interesting and fun and like something I would really love doing. I wish I could have both jobs! I guess this is a good problem to have and an even better one if they were to happen to make me an offer as well. Either way I am thankful for the opportunity to interview at UA again.

Today I learned that we must go back and explore Multnomah Village. I had heard the name but didn’t know it was it’s own little community.

2015.05.19 – UA Again, Again

So many stressful days so close together and I had another interview today. I was back at Urban Airship but this time interviewing for a position that would involve programming. It sounded like a really great job doing fun and interesting things. I didn’t have to be there until early afternoon so I took my time in the morning and tried not to stress.

About an hour before it was time to leave I got a call from Chris at DreamHost. They wanted to offer me the position! Mind blown! I knew the interview wasn’t nearly as bad as the one at Cozy (because that one was a complete, fucking disaster) but I still stumbled my way through some really easy stuff. Anyway, I told Chris that I was really happy about the offer but that I wanted to talk about the salary. He said that was fine so we moved into the negotiation phase.

Meanwhile I had to get down to UA. Cherice met me in the lobby and it was so nice to see her. She has always been wonderful. We went upstairs, I made some tea then moved to the meeting room. I first met with a project manager and he was great. We chatted about the position and UA in general until his time was up. Next I met with a member of customer success. He was also great. Everyone at UA is very nice and welcoming. Each person knew that I had already been at UA for an internship so there was a lot we didn’t need to discuss. The next meeting was supposed to be a video chat but due to technical difficulties we had an audio only connection. He was a member of dev/ops and is based in San Francisco. He asked me some questions about JavaScript, Python, Git and databases that I felt were very basic. I don’t think I had any trouble answering them unless I was unclear about what he was asking me. Next up was the engineering manager. He was really nice to talk to. He didn’t ask me anything technical which was fine by me! John was the final person I saw and he had me whiteboard some very basic Python stuff. I was nervous but not terribly so and I muddled through. Whew, it was over and it wasn’t that bad. Four hours flew by. I let Cherice know that I had gotten a job offer that day in case that helped them decide one way or another sooner.

While I was still in the lobby waiting for Wayne to pick me up Chris called back and let me know what the salary offer was. I wasn’t happy with it so I told him what I thought was fair. He said he would find out and call me back the next day. Great!

Wayne picked me up and we ran into the grocery store for some dinner ingredients. We were having Heather, the author of Food Not Lawns over as a guest of Alice so were making most everything with stuff from the gardens. We had a big pot of potato soup, salad, homemade sourdough and strawberry rhubarb pie. It was the six of us, Alice, Jason, Dale, Miri, baby Michael, Taylor, Delaney, Heather, John, Spencer and Mulyssa our neighbor who is a landscape architect and the impetus behind Pesticide Free Overlook. Jason and Kristin joined us later when most everyone was gone but we got to tour their sweet RV!

Today I learned that at least one company thinks I am worth hiring!


2015.05.15 – Next

Oh joy, another interview and it will include a technical challenge I’m sure. My stomach was even worse today. Maybe I don’t want a job that badly 🙂 But off I went anyway. My interview was at a co-working place I hadn’t been before. It’s really nice! I was meeting with Kyle and Chad. I know Chad from the Perl Monger’s meetings and had seen him last night. Kyle flew up from LA. Kyle was really nice and not intimidating at all. I could tell he’s just a really kind person.

They started off with some questions and that felt very comfortable. Chad asked me some “what would you do if…?” type questions and then of course Kyle gave me a technical question and I was supposed to write it in pseudocode. I hadn’t ever written something in pseudocode but ok. The question was something like “Determine the angle between two hands of an analog clock”. Uuuuhhh…..and queue the panic. It’s a circle so trigonometry….well the circle is 360 degrees….and we have minutes…..panic….calm down, you know this…..uuuuuh…..minutes to degrees……..panic…….seriously, calm down, you know this, you can do this…scratch trig, you don’t need it…..and so it went as I stumbled my way through the exercise which I, of course, completely over-thought. It ended up being SO easy and I was assuming it must be really hard. Kyle had mentioned that he had another question he wasn’t going to give me but I wanted to know what it was because I’m curious. It was fascinating and I learned some stuff I didn’t know. He was very nice to walk me through it. Also, I didn’t die! I haven’t a clue how I did at all and he said he’d let me know in a week. A WEEK?! I’d rather just assume I won’t be getting an offer and then I don’t have to stress about it for a week. If something different happens I can be happily surprised. Also, I didn’t die!

I went home and was totally ready for a looooooong nap. We had some new friends coming to stay for a few days. They are friends of Chris and Cherie and are passing through Portland on their way to Alaska. We love meeting new people and having them park at our house. Our next door neighbors aren’t so great about it though. They keep to themselves and don’t really like anyone in our neighborhood so they like to call parking enforcement when we have friends stay. Wayne knocked on their door a few times to let them know our friends would only be staying a couple of days but they never answered. He finally found out that they are out of town until Sunday and their son doesn’t care if the RV is out front. Sweet!

Kristin and Jason arrived in the early afternoon and wow are they nice! They have three adorable dogs too. Wayne gave them the tour of the house. It’s long and involved and they were very nice about it 🙂 We can’t wait to tour their RV! It’s a prototype they are testing out for a company so it has some interesting features. They got settled in and then headed downtown to see a co-worker who happened to also be in Portland.

Wayne, Andrew, Jordan and I went to Dove Vivi for some of their amazing pizza. It was busy so we had to wait for a table. We all sat outside and talked. At some point Wayne was looking across the street at a nearby brewery and was trying to read their sign. He doesn’t have glasses but probably needs some so had to really stare at it to make out the words. Apparently some weirdo guy had gotten into his car and for whatever reason thought Wayne was staring at him and he didn’t like that. We were all kind of shocked when the guy walked up to Wayne and said, “Can I help you?!” Wayne was confused and said, “What? No.” but the guy was pissed and said, “Do you have a problem?” Wayne said, “Yeah I can’t see very well and I was staring at the sign across the street to try and read it. I’m sorry.” He was genuinely apologetic. The guy said, “Well it looked like you were mean mugging me.” He would just NOT let it go and leave. I was aggravated and Jordan was amused so he started laughing. The guy didn’t like that at all and called Wayne’s “friend” and asshole. Jordan, told the guy that he was actually the one being a asshole for coming over and starting something. I thought things were going to get ugly but luckily the weirdo got in his car and left. Whew! We laughed it off after that but wow it was weird.

We finally got our table, had awesome pizza and then headed home to watch Black Hat with Alice and Jason. It was awful and I ended up falling asleep.

Today I learned that binary numbers make a beautiful pattern of 1s and 0s which totally makes sense when you think about it. I also learned about bit shifting as division. Fascinating!

2015.05.14 – Glad Today is Behind Me!

I was so nervous all day. I hadn’t done as well as hoped for an interview but they liked me enough to ask me back for some pair programming. This terrifies me. I think it’s been talked about so much as such an awful experience that I just can’t calm down and relax.

I was meeting Amanda for lunch first but my stomach was a mess. She had invited a co-worker with her who happens to have an open position at UA. I couldn’t believe she thought of me and got it all set up to have him join us! I was so thankful. We met at Tilt near UA and John joined us a bit later. He was really nice and the position sounds very interesting and like something I would enjoy doing. He seemed to like me as well and suggested we set up interviews for the following week. Great! So lunch was a mix of excitement and dread. I told Amanda I had to leave for a doctor appointment because I couldn’t even verbalize what I was about to go do or I might panic and cancel.

I knew that it was a fear I needed to get over though so even if I completely bombed at least I will have the experience and it was with a group of really nice people so there’s that 🙂 I drove over and found a place to park which is not the easiest thing to do near their building. My stomach was in a knot and I really just wanted to go home but I didn’t. I went up and we got right to it. John sat with me first and naturally wanted to work with my nemesis JavaScript! That shut me down right away and I completely fumbled through the entire exercise. It. Was. AWFUL. Ashton came in next but I was totally vapor locked at this point. We worked in Python on my code that I wrote and I couldn’t function. I couldn’t do the things I knew like the back of my hand. It was so ridiculous yet interesting at the same time because I had never really seen this side of me. I knew I had to be better than this down the road and would need to work on it somehow.

Rob came in and I could tell he was pretty uncomfortable having to tell me it wasn’t going to work out but I understood. I know I could have done an excellent job for them but I couldn’t show that in the artificial circumstance they put me in. He said they don’t do pair programming enough with potential hires and they really should do more but I think that’s going to just weed out even more competent people. Not everyone who is capable can perform under those circumstances. There has to be a better way but tech companies seem to want to stick with the status quo. Anyway, I did it and I didn’t die so there’s that! Please let me look back on this in a year and laugh.

Today I learned that under extreme stress I can’t computer.

2015.05.02 – Coding the Day Away

Andrew didn’t have any coffee roasted so the guys and I walked around the corner to Blend. I already had tea waiting for me at home so we sat in the coffee shop and talked while they had their morning caffeine.

I had a late morning hair appointment so Wayne dropped me off and then the guys and I went to lunch at Los Gorditos. Yay! It. Was. So. GOOD! Eddie, the cashier and bringer of food was working and I hadn’t seen him in months. We were so happy to see each other. He brought us some complimentary chips and guacamole. The cook had added some fresh, diced jalapeno to it and that made it extra good. I love that place.

We headed to The Rebuilding Center afterward to look for lighting for our new bathroom and found one. Now we need one to go over the mirror and we will be set. Andrew and I walked up to Mr. Green Beans to get more beans for roasting. As we were walking I saw the comic shop and remembered it was free comic book day! Ack! I was probably too late to get my friend’s free comic book for Hip Hop Family Tree but I tried anyway. As expected they were long gone. Bummer!

When we got home I spent the rest of the day working on a coding challenge for another company hiring a junior dev. I had a ton of success with this challenge. I worked through it bit by bit changing and adding to it as needed. This one involves creating, viewing, and modifying an object. It was a lot of fun to see it grow and turn into a real thing!

Today I learned that just because you can solve something with a regular expression doesn’t mean you should.

2015.05.01 – May Day

Wow, it’s May already. The weather is amazing but what else is new. I had a three hour interview with all sorts of people today. I was SO nervous but relaxed once I got there. I kept thinking about how I would react if I had to do a code challenge of some sort. I just knew I would have major performance anxiety. Andrew kept telling me to just relax and that I know stuff and that I am perfectly capable and I do and I am but when put on the spot I freeze. It’s like a childhood trauma thing. My dad, with the best of intentions, used to randomly quiz me on my times tables. To this very day if someone asks me something as simple as “What is 7 times 9?” I will most likely freeze and be unable to answer. If I think a question is some sort of a quiz I freeze. It’s really annoying! But I was worried about this during the interview.

I showed up right on time and was so pleased to see an office dog! And then another! I would love to work somewhere that has dogs to hang out with. The building is really nice and the office was not too giant and not too small. I’d say it was cozy 🙂 I was offered something to drink so I requested tea and then went into a meeting room where I ended up staying for the entire time. I was asked several times if I needed a break but I didn’t. I’m pretty good at sitting.

The first two people I met with were developers. We had a great conversation and then one of them asked me to explain something. Ack! It felt like a quiz! Yeah, I panicked. I stumbled and fumbled over my words. All he had asked of me was to explain the general idea of an AJAX request. SO easy!! I couldn’t do it. I was just so sure I was going to say something wrong that I pretty much said everything wrong. They were both really nice about it though. He offered to explain it to me and I accepted and felt so dumb as he told me what I already knew. Andrew was going to be slightly frustrated to hear this. The rest of the interviews were great. Everyone was incredibly nice and honestly either way I had a great day just getting to meet some really nice people and see what a happy and cohesive team they are. I’d love to be a part of that because they sure have a great thing going. I’m happy for them!

I got home and surprise, surprise. Another company that has been, what feels like stringing me along sent me a coding challenge. I’m going to do it for the practice for sure but they have definitely shown me that they aren’t a place where I would be happy. I don’t feel like I matter to them at all. I’m sure they will find someone who is the perfect fit but I don’t believe that’s me.

Andrew and I took a walk to New Seasons and got some things for dinner. We were finally able to harvest an ingredient from our garden! We used the beet tops and sauteed them with onion, garlic, peas, red beans and spiral pasta. Wayne took care of the seasoning. It was delicious! We had a strawberry we were watching ripen. It was the very first one and it was beautiful. Someone, not our family, got to it before we did though. Oh well. We are going to have more than we will know what to do with though. The plants look like they are covered with snow because there are so many blossoms. Pies all summer I guess!

Today I learned about various salaries via #talkpay on Twitter. Very interesting!

2015.04.23 – What a Day

Wayne and I were up early so we could run Alice to the airport. She’s meeting Jason there for a short vacation. After she was safely dropped off Wayne and I went to Junior’s Cafe for some vegan French toast. It was pretty good but they changed their menu and didn’t have the potatoes with fennel that I really like. I will have to figure out a new favorite thing there I guess 🙂

I had a doctor appointment after breakfast and then we headed back home. I worked on my programming test for the rest of the afternoon until it was time to go to Trillium for Natale’s parent/teacher conference. Natale, Wayne and I met with his advisor, Ken. We were shocked to find that Natale was only passing ONE class. He has always been a top student so this was quite alarming! We had a really long talk about things though and a lot of this stems from his fear of the future. He fears everything but right now he feels like adulthood is coming up too quickly and he doesn’t feel even close to prepared. We just have to spend a lot of extra time reassuring him that we aren’t booting him out when he turns 18. He should know that based on the other grown children still living with us but I am happy to reassure him as much as he needs. Luckily his school uses competency based grading and he’s very close to passing in the other classes so I think he will be able to pull out of this. He’s an awesome kid and deserves to feel safe and successful.

Today I learned that DRY carbonated beverages from Fred Meyer are delicious. Especially the cucumber soda.

2015.04.20 – Clojure West

It’s hard to believe that yesterday I was in New York and today I woke up in my own comfy bed. Wayne and I also got married on this day twenty-freakin’-nine years ago! Whaaa??? I seriously have no idea where the time has gone. We don’t really celebrate other than to wish each other a happy anniversary since we’ve been a throuple (as our neighbors call us) for nineteen years now. We don’t really have a date that we became a three because it was such an organic process that just kind of happened as it did. Anyway, we decided to pick the date that all three of us changed our last names to be the same, but I digress.

I have been fighting off the cold that Andrew had but felt pretty good when I woke up and I had another conference to attend! While I was on our trip my friend Cherie introduced me to Lynn who is the organizer of Clojure West and the conference was being held here in Portland. I am interested in functional programming so signed up for the conference. I got dressed and was still feeling pretty good so packed up my laptop and my tea and headed to the Armory downtown.

I just can’t get over how beautiful Portland is. Everything is all blooming and colorful. I was just blown away at the beauty as I walked to the Max. I made it to the conference, got my badge and noticed a flood of people heading downstairs so I followed them and took a seat. Good thing I did because the talk ended up being standing room only. I have no idea what he was talking about though :-/ I went to a couple more talks and definitely understood more of those and then it was lunchtime. I was feeling a big blah but I figured it was because I had skipped breakfast. I headed toward Los Gorditos but felt really guilty about eating there so went across the street to Prasad and got a delicious salad and a carrot apple juice. I was definitely not feeling great though even after eating so decided to head back home and take a nap.

When I got home I had a message from Peter letting me know that stars weren’t showing up on events that were searched though so I decided to work on that instead. I also checked and responded to some email. Alice came over for a while and wanted to hear about our trip so I caught her up on things and before I knew it we had to figure out dinner. I wanted to use quinoa, kale, and chickpeas as the base for whatever we ended up having so found a recipe that sounded good and we went with that. Everyone said it was delicious but I couldn’t really taste it. It was easy to make though.

After dinner I got the star bug fixed and submitted a pull request. I’m feeling really unsure of myself though because I’m sick. Maybe not the best time to try and code?? We’ll see what Peter says tomorrow.

Today I learned that Fortran is just uppercase Java. Heh 🙂