2014.09.26 – A Bug of My Own

Today we were able to come in even later, 10:30, but once again I was heading downtown with Andrew so I was early. I sat with him at CA for a while and talked a bit with one of his co-workers before heading off to class. Everyone slowly trickled in, had breakfast, checked out their computer and got situated at the table. We all worked, talked, and tried to catch up if behind until our instructors came in. A few people were missing which was not typical but I think the late start maybe threw off their timing. We did check-ins and Lukas vented about an issue she was having with some of the gift cards she purchased for our lunches. She was definitely frustrated but the things she was saying were SO funny!

Kronda made us an Etherpad with some handy Bash keyboard shortcuts. Ctrl-u deletes whatever you type on a line. I needed that! I read through our daily agenda and saw that we needed an FTP Client and would be using it to transfer our blog posts to a remote server so I grabbed Filezilla and got it installed. Once everyone got caught up, Kronda walked us through connecting to her server. She explained a bit about FTP and why we were using it. Once everyone understood what was going on we all began transferring our files to our directory on her server. Now we would have our blogs at our own URL. Nice! But we weren’t finished. We had to export our MySQL databases, edit them to reflect the new URL and then AirDrop them to her so she could deploy them on her server. Finally we had to reconfigure our wp-config.php file to reflect the changes in name and location. This went as planned for several of us, including me but others were having MySQL issues. I think most everyone got it figured out though and now we have live sites on Kronda’s server!

It was lunchtime. I could tell because I could smell the food and it smelled great! It was Mexican food but from a place we hadn’t eaten before. The name of the restaurant was grilled on the tortilla but I can’t remember what it was. Anyway I ate a lot of food and loved every bite!

Now that we were all well fed, it was time to make more progress toward picking and working on our first bug. We were to pair up and help each other find a bug to work on if we hadn’t already. We then had to read the entire bug, write up how we interpret what we need to do to fix it, make a list of what we will need (code, docs, communication channels, etc.), and then prepare but do not post a Bugzilla comment as a way to introduce ourselves as a contributor who wants to work on the bug.

My partner was just not finding a bug they wanted to work on. Not a single one interested them and they were quickly losing interest in the whole task. I was trying to help but we weren’t getting anywhere and I was just about to give up when I remembered a Mozilla product they had been very interested in during our first week of class. I suggested they look for bugs specific to that product. That seemed to be just the direction they needed because they got very excited and quickly found a bug to get started on. Whew!

I have three bugs that seem interesting to me. I asked Lukas some questions about bug 671705 and think it will be a good one to start with. Once we were all headed in the right direction it was time to check out. Everyone was happy it was Friday and also pay day. I, on the other hand, was pretty bummed this project is half-way over. Lukas has created something amazing and special. Now here we are in the middle of it but it will be over soon. Future Ascenders will have their own experience and it will be great but it won’t ever be just like this one. Peri and I think we should just show up in New Orleans and act like we are supposed to be there.

Andrew met me in front of my building and we took a long walk up to Seattle Coffee Gear to get a part he needed. They didn’t have it though so we wandered down 23rd while he figured out the best way to get us home from where we were. We stopped in at Lush and got a small gift for a friend who just had a baby and then I got a delicious iced coconut chai from Tea Chai Té. He figured out we needed to catch a bus and ride it all the way back down to the yellow line but it was a beautiful evening so I suggested we just walk. By the time we made it to the yellow line, the bus we would have taken was just arriving so that worked out perfectly. We got home just as Jason and Alice arrived to make and eat dinner with us. After dinner we watched the newish X-Men movie and it was pretty good. We were too full for popcorn which I didn’t even know was possible!

Today I learned some handy command line shortcuts.