2014.09.27 – Apprendre le Français

Today was a pretty quiet day. Both of the younger children stayed the night at a friend’s house and Lauren and Sean went mountain biking somewhere so it was just the three of us. I left to get a haircut and the guys went to help one of my classmates move. There wasn’t a lot of stuff to move so they weren’t gone long.

A posting came across Nextdoor for someone giving away firewood really close to our house so Wayne and I rushed over to get it. Of course it was gone already! But the owner was super nice and we ended up talking with him for quite some time. It’s always nice to meet new neighbors. He joked that he might leave the ad up just to see who else he might meet.

We came home and took inventory of the attic since we need to clear some stuff out and set up a bed for our upcoming guests. The task looked daunting so I wandered out to the garden instead and trimmed all of the basil plants. I ended up with a huge bunch of lemon and lime basil so steeped it and made an infused simple syrup. I think I can add it to carbonated water to make a tasty drink. We’ll see!

I spent some time researching potential tech meetups where I might give a short talk. The thought of this is ridiculously scary but I think it would be good to give it a try. I could possibly talk about how people might contribute to Mozilla since I know a bit about that now. I’ve attended the Portland Linux/Unix Group meetings before and I know they are always looking for speakers. That might be a good place to test the waters because the attendees always seem pretty nice. The only talk I’ve ever attended that was Linux related was when Linus Torvalds did a Q&A so my topic would not be out of line.

I practiced French with my new Rosetta Stone membership. I was only going to spend about 30 minutes on it but it was addicting so I spent about an hour and a half. It’s really great so I am going to try and get all that I can out of it before my membership runs out and I have to say Au revoir!

Alice was out of town until Sunday night and our young ones were staying the night at their friend’s again so we walked over to La Bonita with Jason and had a great dinner. We came back home, Andrew made a big bowl of popcorn and we went to watch Man of Steel 3D in Jason’s newly renovated basement. He has these powered 3D glasses that were pretty cool and the movie was not bad at all.

Today I learned that one of our neighbors is a special effects engineer for Grimm and also worked on the movie Coraline.