2015.06.23 – I Have No Idea What I’m Doing

I was working away this morning trying to finally work on a ticket. I would love to actually accomplish something while John is gone. I was reading about Named Users and trying to figure out how I add that audience type to the Uploader app. The day went along and it was getting well past lunchtime so Wayne and I decided to walk down to Market Square and see what we could eat. We were going to walk to a place about a mile and a half away but I didn’t want lunch to take too long.

We ended up at Chipotle since it’s quick and it’s good. Wayne ordered while I talked to Lauren for a bit. I noticed everyone’s phones making emergency notices though so when I hung up I checked mine and it said there was a flash flood warning for our area. Well we weren’t driving and we were in the middle of the city so no worries. It did not however occur to me that this most definitely meant rain. Yeah. While we were eating I got a message in Slack about an issue with the Uploader app. I am so new that I have no idea how to fix anything but I said I would take a look at it as soon as I got back from lunch. What the heck was I going to do? I guess try not to panic.

Now it was starting to rain so Wayne and I finished up as fast as we could and ran the several blocks back to our hotel and we were drenched! It was awful! I was even having an ok hair day. So much for that. But we made it back, I changed into PJs, grabbed my hot tea and settled in to work some more and try and figure out why Uploader reports weren’t being generated. I sent a test push and sure enough no reports. Had I understood how things completely worked before I would have noticed the lack of reports a lot sooner. There haven’t been any since June 17th. Meanwhile Misty figured out that the pushes had been scheduled and sent in spite of no report so that part is good at least. Now to figure out how to figure this out!

Andrew showed up at around 18:00 and it was time to go to the employee social at the new office space. Grant Street has leased the entire 14th floor including the rooftop patio areas and this would be most people’s first time seeing it. It’s SO nice! So, so nice. We mingled and had a really nice time and then headed to Proper Brick Oven with Daniel, Mary, Nolan and Brett. The pizza was fantastic as always and we had a nice time talking with everyone.

Today I learned that we have some really strange names for things at work.