2015.06.22 – Working from Hotel

Today I was up and at it since I’m working from the hotel this week. I wanted to destroy and rebuild the automated reports environments and make sure I had all of the file paths set up properly. I didn’t. I worked on that for a while and finally figured out how things should be. Yay! I did a lot of reading and exploring for the rest of the day.

Wayne and I did meet Mary for lunch. First we did the Allegheny Jail Tour that I have been trying to do for three years now. If not today it would be another year before I had a chance again. It was…underwhelming. But I can cross that off my list! We headed down to the Strip District to eat at our favorite Vietnamese place and of course they were closed. Mary suggested a Thai place she had heard about and it was nearby so we headed there and I am glad we did. It was great. Lots of vegan options. I even got a Thai tea with coconut milk. Yum!

We met John and Josh for dinner and decided on an Italian place nearby. The food was pretty good and we had a nice time. We all walked back to the hotel. John was meeting someone and Josh was going to call his family. We went up to the room and our friends Daniel and Mary let Andrew know they were on the rooftop of the place we had just left! They have a nice bar up there I guess. The three of us headed back down and hung out with them for a while.

I finished reading The Martian and it was great!

Today I learned that way back in the day the warden’s wife helped two murderer’s escape the jail. She was in love with one of them and they were to be hanged. I bet the warden wasn’t very happy about that. Apparently a movie was made about it.