2015.06.18 – More Playing at Work

I’m still just working through various apps trying to figure out what they do. There is a lot of reading involved so not much to really talk about. It’s all very interesting but there is a lot, lot, LOT to learn. I was working from home but had a meeting scheduled with Will to learn about automated reports. We had a GoToMeeting uh…meeting and he walked me through getting things set up. He said I needed to have MySQL or Celery, Redis, Python and Virtualenv ready to go before hand. Well I have all of these things installed via Vagrant so I figured it would be sweet to set up a Vagrant instance for this walk through.

He called in the afternoon and I told him I was set up in Vagrant on CentOS. He was a bit unsure about this but we proceeded and things went pretty well at first but then some long command I was supposed to use wouldn’t work because the Vagrantfile was a level too deep in the directory structure. I said I could just move things around but he was unsure of this and suggested I just install MySQL on my local machine. So much for Vagrant and keeping things in a VM!

I got it installed and we started over. Things went well again and we got a bit further but ended up having some S3 error (something to do with Amazon Web Services) and we couldn’t get past it. He said he thought it was an issue with the version of Python and thought an older version would fix the issue but that downgrading seemed like a stupid resolution so we decided to pick this back up next week.

Meanwhile I decided to make this all work in the Vagrant instance! I was able to get it going pretty quickly and ended up at the same S3 error I was getting on my local machine so go me!

Today I learned that I’m getting a pretty good handle on Vagrant.