2015.06.07 – Learning Some Perl

Today I was in an all day Zero to Perl class taught by Sawyer. He was filling in since the original teacher had some health issues. He was fantastic though. We learned a TON of stuff and I was following along really well right up to the last exercise. Then I got completely lost and couldn’t do anything. Sawyer was wonderful and sat down with me and walked me through the whole thing. I definitely have some studying to do though.

After class Andrew and I went to the Anti-arrival Dinner. The Arrival Dinner had a much larger group so we chose the other. Our group was about 18 people and we were going to the Himalayan Kitchen. It was a short walk from the hotel. They were expecting us so we had a huge table in the back. They had so many vegan options! Our food was fantastic and our conversations even better. We had a really nice time.

Today I learned that Perl is really damned cool. I had never messed with it until now which is funny considering Andrew has been a Perl dev for the last 15 plus years.