2015.06.06 – Travel Day

Today was spent traveling from PDX to Salt Lake City. The flight was uneventful. Salt Lake is really beautiful and clean and the weather is perfect. It’s not Portland but I will enjoy the visit for sure.

We took the light rail which is a LOT like our light rail at home. It took us from the airport pretty much to the front of our hotel. Nice! We were staying at the Little America Hotel so I had zero expectations but holy cow it’s nice! Our room is giant and beautiful and we have a balcony. We got our stuff unpacked and decided to find some food. I found a vegan sandwich shop, Bud’s about a mile away. I didn’t want to walk so we waited for the train, got on the wrong one and ended up walking there anyway. Oh well 🙂

The sandwiches were bomb! I had a vegan chicken pesto and Andrew had a vegan barbacoa. Mine was the best 🙂

Bud's Sandwich Shop

After lunch we stopped at the store and got the things we always forget, body wash and a shower poof. We also got bandaids because of course wearing a new pair of shoes on a trip where I will be walking a lot is a great idea.

We hung out in our room for a while. I set up more stuff for work and read over various documents and it was time for dinner before I knew it. We picked a vegan dinner place that looked pretty good. I had plenty of bandaids so we walked. Of course we went the wrong way for a few blocks and let me tell you, Salt Lake has the biggest blocks in the US and the most confusing street names. I’m not even kidding. We got back on track and found Zest Kitchen and Bar. Our food was fantastic. I had stuffed baked mushrooms and some grilled brussels sprouts. Andrew had some sort of curry with sticky rice. It was great but I’d definitely pick the sandwich shop over this place. We finished dinner and headed to the door only to see that the skies had opened and all of the water was falling down. Wow, it was a LOT. Too much to walk the short distance back so we summoned a Lyft. They showed up right away and got us quickly back to the hotel. We were done and ready for bed.

Today I learned that it’s Utah Pride this weekend. Yay!