2015.05.21 – Pie Season

I found a salvaged built-in with a leaded glass cabinet that looked nice and was pretty cheap so I emailed the seller about it last night. He got back to me in the morning and said we could come and pick it up so Wayne and I ran over there. It turns out he is a contractor who restores old houses. We talked for a bit and I said I was going to pester him for some subcontractor recommendations.

We stopped by a big antique mall to see if they had any treasures we couldn’t live without but they didn’t and then I had to get home to watch the little ones while Alena went to a job interview. We had fun playing and watching Tangled until she returned. She said it went really well and she liked the company a lot so fingers crossed she gets it!

I heard back from UA and they would like to make me an offer. Well now this complicates everything because the job sounds amazing! I would love to build tools for customers. I feel like it would be a very creative and challenging job which is exactly what I am looking for. I want to work on problems that are increasingly more difficult. Well, I will see what happens tomorrow because I have to have an answer for the other company one way or another.

Lauren and Jordan baked a strawberry pie. The third pie of strawberry season and we are only about a week in. I wasn’t kidding when I said we have a lot of strawberries! We pretty much ate the entire pie after dinner.

Today I learned job hunting is simultaneously easier and more difficult that I had imagined.