2015.03.31 – Shaving of the Yaks

I really have to get busy and get this presentation written. I’m not looking forward to speaking in public so I keep dragging my feet. I definitely have a mental overview of what I want to say but I need some slides so I tried to fire up Keynote. Yeah, no. The app just opens another finder window with keynote greyed out. Super handy! I poked around to see if anyone else had the same issue but didn’t have any luck there. Apple was so unhelpful. I was informed that there was a great new update to Keynote and if I would simply upgrade to Yosemite I could have it. No thanks. I am not a fan of how Yosemite looks so I’ll hold out as long as possible before I have to upgrade.

I searched around for some free slideshow apps but didn’t really find anything I liked. I wasted a bunch of time yak shaving this issue and was just frustrated so moved on to fixing up some small nits with my feature. I was working out in the common area and there were lots of conversations going on so I was easily distracted. The room I work in was busy though so I just did the best I could and before I realized it the day had come to an end.

It was dinner night but also the day before Spencer’s birthday so Jordan and I ran out to Voodoo Donut and got a bunch of birthday donuts. Wayne made pasta with almond pumpkin sauce, salad and bread. Alice is gone for the week at a training seminar so it was very odd without her! Miri, Dale, baby Michael, Spencer, John, Jason, Taylor, Delaney, and Glenn joined the six of us though.

Today I learned about this really beautiful dance with light.