2015.03.30 – Working at Home

I worked from home today because I had a bunch of phone calls to make and some errands to run that could no longer be put off. I handle all of the family administrative type stuff and with me working each day I haven’t figured out how to fit everything in. The errands took me to a couple of county offices so by the time I finished everything up it was well past lunchtime.

I came home, ate and got right back at starred events. I needed to figure out why the stars weren’t being recovered from the server when a user signs out and signs back in. I spent some time following the flow and there it was plain as day. The variable, serverStars, which sounds kind of important was getting the stars but then nothing ever happened with them. They weren’t getting passed back to the browser. That was a pretty easy fix once I found it so I pushed the changes and opened a PR. When Peter looked at the fix we had a bit of a talk about the change and then it got merged in. Great!

That simple CSS issue re: star placement on an event is not as easy as I had initially thought though. I get it looking great for me but Peter has different fake content and at times it doesn’t sit in a very good place. Grrr!

Today I learned how Wayne plans to lay out the new bathroom. I wish we could fit a shower in there as well. It’s roomy but not that roomy.