2015.03.28 – OMSI

Jayde, Estelle and spent the morning at OMSI where we met Dave, Alena and the kids. The museum theme right now is “Mazes” so Tiberias and I had all sorts of fun. We got lost for a while in the biggest one but each dead end had a fun musical instrument to play. We had a quick, delicious lunch together but I had to rush home in time to go with Andrew to his Dr appointment.

The appointment went well and his new doctor seems great. He suggested some things Andrew could try to stave off the headaches he sometimes gets and will do some routine blood work in about two weeks.

I spent the rest of my day reading and then watching some Dr. Who with Wayne and Andrew.

Today I learned how to complete one of those highly frustrating rope/disk/hole brain teaser puzzle things at the museum! I was determined.