2015.03.26 – Fixing Bugs

Now that this project is in master it can be tested for bugs and wow are there some bugs. I guess this is normal? Some of them are pretty tiny and easy to fix so maybe this is just how things go. Anyway, Peter is doing lots of testing and then filing them as he finds them. So far I’m able to fix them pretty quickly either because he tells me why it’s broken or it’s instantly obvious.

I didn’t get a full day of work in though because I had to take Jordan to the eye doctor. He needs glasses! It was also a shame to spend so much time inside because it was 75 degrees out and beautiful. Alice was out in the gardens when we got home. She had taken half the day off when she checked the weather report. We all couldn’t help but just sit outside with her and enjoy the rest of the day. So many people walked by. Andrew was still at work and missing the awesome weather. He made it home just in time for us to leave for BSD Pizza Night. We were meeting at Mississippi Pizza, one of our favorites. We had a new attendee tonight, Mark. He was really nice and funny. He’s a greybeard and has worked for Apple, Atari and Intel. I loved hearing him and another greybeard talk about old-timey computer stuff and silly things they did when they were younger.

Today I learned that ooooold hard drives could be made to ‘walk’ across a room.