2015.03.25 – Merged Into Master

Today I had an interview at Urban Airship. I was meeting with Peter in the Technical Support department. He was SO nice! We had a really great talk and the position sounds interesting. He said he’d like me to come back and meet the rest of the team next week so we’ll see.

I walked down to Mozilla and decided to work in the common area. i had a comment from Peter saying he liked what I had changed, that he had made a few other changes and once I had his stuff merged in, everything rebased and Travis passing that I would probably be ready to have my stuff merged into master. Wha?? Wow! I got busy and got everything rebased. Peter had made a few changes and had taken care of anonymous user events sorting in the correct order (most recently added at the top). He used a Python lambda function which was super cool! I wouldn’t have figured it out on my own but now I know 🙂

When I rebased I had a merge conflict so I resolved that and got my stuff pushed up. I watched Travis and it was happy! I let Peter know so he merged my feature. Woo hoo! I was so happy! And then I noticed this automated message in #airmozilla-dev “< airmodevpush> something terrible happened. check the logs (master web-ops_cli_script)” Huh. Is it just me or does that sound like something terrible happened? I asked Peter what was going on and sure enough I made a mistake when I fixed the merge conflict. He had added another path for schema migrations and I didn’t enclose it properly. It kinda broke stuff! He said it was no big deal and did a quick fix. I was kind of bummed I missed that though.

Michael and Keeler were out in the commons so I told them my stuff got merged into master but that it broke stuff. Each of them then proceeded to tell me the things they have broken with their merges. Michael took out all of Mozilla’s email for about an hour once and Keeler had a version of Firefox release with a security issue and there was no way the QA person could have caught it upon testing. Ok, in retrospect maybe my mistake wasn’t that awful. Thanks guys!

Everything was rainbows and butterflies. Peter asked me to meet him and Richard in a Vidyo chat. They were very happy and so was I. And then Peter said he wanted me to do a brown bag presentation about this project. Ugh! I told him I was sick that day but he just laughed. I guess I have to do it. He said it will be a good way to show off the new feature, a thing for me to show potential employers and a way to help new interns who may feel unsure of their abilities. Guess I better get busy!

Today I learned about Lambda functions in Python.