2015.03.24 – Lots to Do and Getting Some Work Done Too

I had a ton of stuff to do today so I elected to work from home. I had an appointment at the doctor, had to file a deed so our house could be put in our trust (we did the paperwork last May!), had to get a copy of Jayde’s birth certificate for our trip to Canada this summer, and had to stop by a hardware store.

By the time we made it back home it was lunch time and I hadn’t eaten so I grabbed a quick meal and got right back to work. I had a few questions for Peter so we hopped on a Vidyo chat and he clarified what he was asking for. He asked me to move some more stuff out of the return part of the JavaScript module so it wasn’t exposed, move another function inside of it, change some stuff in a template so it would all still work and get it pushed up within a half hour so he could look it over before he left for the day. First I had to stash my unfinished work and rebase from master. I got everything done and went to make some tea. Peter had to leave in the mean time but he was happy with the changes I made and just had a couple of small suggestions. Whew!

It was dinner night and Wayne was making tacos. It was the six of us, Miri, Dale, baby Michael, Spencer, John, Glenn, Alice, Jason, Taylor and Delaney.

Today I learned that scientist are going to up the power of the Large Hadron Collider to again try and detect tiny black holes.