2015.03.23 – I’m Almost Done With This Feature…..Or Not.

I got a lot done over the weekend so pushed everything up for review. It felt like I was really close to being done so I was pretty happy. Then I got a huge list of things to refactor, change, improve, delete…..My first thought was, “Maybe I just suck at this. Maybe I’ve wasted my and everyone’s time trying to do something I don’t have an aptitude for. Maybe my mentors are too nice to just tell me this and can’t wait for me to be done already so they can get a decent intern.” So much for being close to done!

And then I remembered that I’m really good at trash talking myself at the drop of a hat. I told myself to knock that crap off then I went to the kitchen and grabbed a snack and a drink. Mozilla has the best snacks and drinks if I haven’t mentioned that before. I went back and read through the comments and realized that although there were several, they were all just fix-up kind of stuff and optimizations that, as a much more experienced developer, my mentor can see. It’s a code review for a reason. There was a ton of valuable help in there. I got my head back in the game and happily worked through the changes requested.

Today I learned that I really am close to getting this feature implemented.