2015.03.22 – Church of Waffles!

The plan was for the three of us to go to Jess and Kronda’s house for waffles. Wayne woke up with a cold though so it would just be Andrew and I. I got my sourdough batter mixed up and gathered up the other things we needed. We were a little bit late so people were already well into waffle making/eating. I got ours going, made a plate and began introducing myself to people I didn’t. Wow, there were so many really nice new people to meet and talk to! I particularly liked Jonathan and Dean, and Rachel.

I could have stayed all day just talking with people but I still had work to do so I packed up our stuff and back home we went. Alice was out in the gardens when we pulled up and invited me to go with her to Goodwill. Jayde had been asking to go back so it seemed like a great idea. It was! We found her some great shirts and shorts.

Now it was really time to get back to work. I was having trouble getting my anonymous user JavaScript to sync up properly. The anonymous user stuff has been the most difficult which was another surprising thing to learn. I managed to make a ton of progress though and got it all pushed up for another review. Hopefully it goes ok!

Today I learned that I need to make this.