2015.02.19 – Happy Birthday, Lauren!

Wow, today our oldest daughter is 26! It’s so weird to have grown children. I can only imagine how my mom must feel. Lauren is unfortunately sick today so that kinda sucks. We are going to get her a bunch of doughnuts though so maybe that will cheer her up. Or make her feel more sick. Who knows?


Our beautiful Lauren


I was feeling really great about my progress when I met with Peter in the afternoon. We went over moving some of the duplicated code into reusable macros and it was pretty much the same concept as doing an include but I think it functions differently. The structure is pretty much the same though so I understood what he wanted me to do. He had done one already so made a pull request against my branch and all I had to do was merge it in. But then we went over pagination and where the CSS should go and how it should be modified and HTML and wow I really need to stop fighting it and just learn more about these things. Anyway, I have a ton of things to do and my head is full of new information to process. It feels great!

I spent the remainder of my day fighting with CSS and finally Andrew said he was ready to head up to me. Dave was with him and the three of us were going to go to the Multnomah Whiskey Library. We’d never been but I had been wanting to take Andrew since we moved here. What a great place! Andrew was carded of course. I don’t think that will ever stop happening. Dave and Andrew each got some kind of whiskey and I told the server that I don’t really drink so he said he’d suggest a whiskey sour. I asked if it had cherries in it and he said it did and he would make sure it had extra. It did and he even brought me more on the side! They are the really expensive Luxardo cherries. Very sweet! My drink was pretty good but I couldn’t finish it. I felt the alcohol after just a few sips and I wanted to make sure I could get myself home and also not throw up. We had a really nice time. The guys said their drinks were excellent. It’s definitely a place we need to take Wayne.

We made our way to the Max and it was a beautiful night out. The food carts were so busy and people were everywhere. Our train came right away this time so we quickly said goodbye to Dave and headed home. On our walk to our house we noticed that it had apparently rained quite a bit very recently but the sky was nearly devoid of clouds by the time we got there. So strange. The house smelled great when we walked in. Wayne was making a huge pot of vegetable barley soup, Jayde had baked a cake and there was also a box of doughnuts.

Natale and I started a game of chess and the rest of the family played Star Trek Uno until dinner was ready. It was delicious! Lauren chose an apple fritter for her birthday dessert so Jayde stuck a candle in it and we sang happy birthday. She still wasn’t feeling great so took her fritter and went to bed. I hope she’s better tomorrow.

Today I learned that the American Alligator uses the heat generated by composting in order to incubate their eggs. Eggs hatched at 30C or lower will all become female and those at 34C or higher will all become male. Eggs in between these temps will be a mixture of both. Also, alligators are one of my least favorite animals. They creep me out but I didn’t learn that today.