2015.02.14 – Valentine’s Day

I pretty much spent the entire day working on Mozilla stuff. It’s the weekend and I really should have just gone outside. We are having the most beautiful weather! I was able to make progress on the template though.

I added back in, one by one, the three important lines I had to delete in order to get it working before. Andrew helped me figure out the first issue. I was looking and looking and trying all sorts of things. He glanced at it for about 30 seconds and gave me a tip that got me moving forward again. I can’t even explain how much just a tiny bit of help is such a big deal to a new programmer. It’s kind of like being spotted doing an exercise. You try and try and try to do a pull-up but you can’t. If someone would give just a little help you can complete the pull-up and your body gets to feel the complete motion. It feels the same when I get the slightest point in the right direction.

Anyway, I got the next issue fixed pretty easily. I had to add some more code to my view and all was well. The last one I can’t figure out though. My events need to have a placeholder image so they can display a thumbnail but I don’t know how they are generated. Some module I am unfamiliar with is imported and used. I’ll have to bug Peter about that one.

We don’t normally do much for Valentine’s Day but this year we went out to dinner with Alice and Jason. We went to a really good Indian Buffet, Namaste. We all ate a lot and then went back home to watch a movie at their house. Jason added some red LED lights behind the tv and made some nice shelves for drinks. They have such a sweet home theater and he keeps improving it. We watched John Wick. Keanu Reeves killing a LOT of people. Meh.

Today I learned that there is such a thing as cashew milk ice cream. Yum!