2015.01.19 – Thank You Martin Luther King Jr.

I wasn’t sure if I was expected to work today since it’s a day of remembrance and celebration of Martin Luther King Jr.  I got up and showered early just in case though but it happily turned out to be a day off for Air Mozilla. Peter had emailed everyone about some changes to the repository though and I figured it would be a good time to work on getting mine synchronized.

The email said to delete the virtual environment, recreate it and install the requirements. Simple! Except not really. Not for me anyway. I did everything I was supposed to but now I couldn’t get the server to run. The error seemed to be related to my setup.py file so naturally I just deleted it and recreated it. That didn’t help at all. His instructions also said to delete some vendor directories if they were still around so perhaps that was my issue. Delete! Well now stuff was even more broken. Faaaaantastic. The directories were gone. They weren’t pushed up to my repo since they are ignored so that made me think they must be created locally or something. I was switching back and forth between the master branch and my feature branch trying to make stuff work and finally remembered that I had a copy of the old repo.

I copied over the directory I needed and the server started right up on my master branch but none of the new files I had created on my feature branch were available so I got errors. I switched to my feature branch where I had the files but then the server wouldn’t run. Sheesh! I scratched my head for a bit on that one and then realized I needed to rebase master onto my feature branch. Once that was done everything worked just fine but what a pain anyway!

Bob, the wallpaper remover, came back for day two of removal. He said he was going to have to also come back Friday or Saturday too in order to finish. It’s a lot of wallpaper. I also ordered a dumpster since Wayne is going to start the kitchen demo this week. It should be a big mess. This house definitely needs to get worse before it gets better.

Today I spent a lot of time reflecting on Dr. King and what an extraordinary man he was. He has been gone longer than he lived and it saddens me to think his fight is still necessary. I wish humanity were better than that but we prove time and again that we are not. I’m thankful that although he was gone too soon his words are living on. I don’t have anything profound to say. Each day I’m both pleased and disappointed in humanity. We’ve got a lot of shit to figure out.

So lycra for camels is a thing. You’re welcome.