2014.09.21 – I Only Took 745 Steps Today Because….

I tried to sleep in this morning but my eyes had other plans I guess. They wanted to be open even earlier than usual. I got up and headed straight for the computer because I wanted to tidy up my tutorial and look over the available bugs on Bugzilla. Little did I know that this would be a rabbit hole! It was a fun one though but the day really got away from me.

I worked on the wording of my tutorial and then figured I should step through it on a computer here at home and make sure it was clear. I decided to create a virtual environment for this install of Mozmill and to install the hotfix instead of just enabling it temporarily but other than that I followed my steps and it worked just fine. Since I had Mozmill installed I went ahead and installed the other three versions of Firefox and then read up a bit about setting up multiple profiles for each version. I decided to install Profile Manager because it sounds like the method of using a built in profile manager may be going away. Once all of that was done I started running some automated tests. Everything seems to work just fine.

Looking at bugs led me to be curious about the different products they were reported in which led me to reading a whole bunch of stuff about products I didn’t even know existed. This led me to look for the source code which led me to research the source code tree and figure out a tiny bit about how all of that works. This led me to getting Mercurial installed so I could clone the core repository and search through the code. Then I figured that since I had the source code I may as well build Firefox from source. Let me tell you, it takes a LONG time. Yeah, it’s still going….47 minutes so far. It’s done! 52 minutes and it finally finished. It runs too! That was very cool.

Today I learned that NASA’s Maven space craft is now orbiting Mars after nearly a year of traveling to get there.